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Your clothes speak volumes about you, conveying a message that should always be on point. At Astoria Bubbles, we are dedicated to maintaining the pristine quality of your garments, ensuring you radiate the best version of yourself. Our comprehensive service guarantees a thorough wash, efficient drying, and meticulous folding for your entire load.

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As an integrated operation, all tasks are performed in-house, eliminating any concerns of misplaced items. Recognizing the demands of your busy schedule, we offer a seamless solution—should a visit to the laundromat be unfeasible, fret not. Within 24 hours, we’ll collect your attire, rejuvenate them, and promptly deliver them to your doorstep, embodying our commitment to being of assistance. Whether you choose to drop by or utilize our user-friendly app, restoring your clothes to a “good as new” state is effortlessly attainable, right within your community.



Astoria Bubbles Laundromat offers comprehensive pick up and delivery spanning across the Queens area and in-store washing laundry services. Our top priority is to offer exceptional service at a competitive price, all to make the essential task of getting your laundry wash dry fold cleaning needs done as quick and stress-free as possible. 

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Whether we are working with large-scale corporate clients, individual laundry clients, or walk-in customers, we intend to provide everyone with a washing facility that everyone can count upon.

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Astoria Bubbles has partnered with Aloha Laundry Life, a network of Laundry service that is dedicated to delivering clean. Aloha works with local operators to deliver personal care to your laundry. We’ll greet you with Aloha and make sure each of your items is returned to you fresh, clean full of Aloha vibes.

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The only App you will need to free yourself from laundry! Download app and create a profile, choose your schedule, and you’re cleaning options. Try us once, and you will feel the Aloha difference.

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